About the GeniMonster

    Photographer: BenHardly    

Hi my name is Geni,

I'm cosplayer from Germany.


Here some facts about me

Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: greyblue
Height: ~1,6m / 64"
Color: black


Summer, time for sewing or gaming,  my car and home

Reading Manga: Aria, DearS, Angel Sanctuary
Watching Anime: Shimoneta, Code Geass

Cosplaying Since: 2008
First Selfmade Costume: Ren - DearS


Kimball707 x GeniMonster

Photography & Edit


Q & A


When and how did you get into cosplay?

It was 2008, I bought some mangas and on the last few pages were cosplayers shown, I loved it! The following weekend was even a small convention next to me - after that weekend I began to cosplay.


What attracts you to cosplay?

I love the creative side and the fact that you have the chance to put you little touch into you favorite character. The time I started I didn't even had a sewing machine, nor any idea how to sew a costume. Challenge accepted.  I'm still learning and I love every second I have the chance to improve my skills and get in contact to other cosplayers worldwide.


Do you tend to roleplay or are you your normal self in the costume?

A costume can be a reason to be a different person, but I prefer to be myself.


What has been you favorite cosplay?

I don't have a special one, every costume has it's own story.


Do your cosplays have a particular theme to them?

No.. not really. I make the costumes / characters I like.


What was your first selfmade costume?

Ren from DearS  - and it was my second group cosplay.


Do you have a dream cosplay?

I already made my dream cosplay - it is Alicia Florence from Aria.

But my dream is it to wear it again with a large group of Aria cosplayers. That would be awesome!


What is you most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?

My mom who didn't recognized me in my costume.


Have you ever regretted cosplaying?

Haha, sometimes while sewing a costume... So much work, not enough time - a real love-hate relationship.

But regretting cosplay- NEVER!


What kind of advice would you give to others who are getting into costuming or thinking about making their first outfits.

Start with easy costumes, have enough time and practice, practice practice. You will get better - just go on! Sure you will have setbacks, but that's no reason to stop! And don't be shy to ask other cosplayers if you have a question and you should also look for tutorials (like mine on this website ;3)


Do you have more questions?  Just ask me below. (≧◡≦) ♡